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Important Renovations That Will Add Value To Your House


With property prices constantly rising, it is inevitable to say that now is the good time to make a real estate investment or call on that offer that says we buy houses Hampton Road. But even if you are not up for a monetary investment, you can always reap benefit by adding value to your priced possession, your house. Ask any realtor what is the best way to increase to the worth of your house and he will say, renovate it. Fixes as small as repainting, flooring or lighting can sometimes fetch upto 5-6 times of the investment. But where to get started with all the remodeling? Find out here.

Doors: Doors are the window to any house and its importance can never be undermined. Changing a door or giving it a retouch with fresh paint are few of the ways to make your house welcoming from the outside.

Kitchen: Kitchen is the single most important room in the house & remodeling it can add significant value to it.  Knock-out that unwanted wall or remove that kitchen island to add more space. Open, spacious, well lite and modern looking kitchens with organized cabinetry and shelves are a hit amongst home buyers.

Flooring: Flooring is another important aspect of a house and if redone well, it can help in increasing its worth. Throw in that new hardwood floor all over your house and you will be surprised at how much its value escalates. If you are looking for much cheaper option, you can always refurnish the existing hardwood flooring. For the bathroom, tiled floors are always in demand and retain value incredibly well.

Lights and fixtures: Lighting enhances the appeal of the house in its entirety. As windows are the gateway for natural light, remodel your living room by installing large windows. If this sounds way too expensive or time taking, invest on some new lights or think about painting the wall a shade lighter.

Bathroom: In terms of valuation, bathroom is one of the most important aspects in home purchasing. Adding a three-piece bathroom to a home where there is only one full bathroom can bring market value of your home up. A dead space in bedroom or under staircase can effectively be transformed into a small bath area. Additionally, use of glass for the shower door can make it look spacious and modern.

Landscape: If studies are to be believed, landscape is one of the top three investments that reap the highest return. According to a survey, it was found that an investment of $400-$500 dollars in gardening and landscaping brings a return of four times that.

Renovating house for the purpose of reselling could be very complex and expensive process. But there are a few companies that buy houses regardless of what condition it is in. All you have to do is give them a call and show them your house.

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